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Endless Engines
Community 3D Art Challenge


Buried deep in thesis work, I only had four hours to work on this challenge, so I opted for a simple concept and focused on pure execution. Of course, built in Unreal Engine.



I had prepared in advance all the art assets I would use for the project, I had made the pixel car (with references) as well as the streetlight, traffic cone, and trashcan, and found the city background and clouds as free assets on

I created a custom water puddle decal with material blueprints and set up blueprint actors for the car and the streetlights so I could attach actual lights to them.

I layered the background to set up a nice parallax effect and animated the car to give it a bit more character to have it dodging some street cones before racing ahead.

This was definitely a tough challenge in execution and just applying all the skills I had accumulated to put together this project in a few hours and I am very happy with how it came out. 

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