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From Animations and short films to music videos, I like to keep myself busy on top of working on different types of projects.


Feel free to peruse my projects below and see if any spark your interest!


A one-minute compilation of some highlights of my work across 2022-2023!


My master's thesis short film project. An analysis of the creative process at the intersection of art and tech through the lens of hurry sickness


A bi-yearly 3D art challenge hosted by Clinton Jones, this time's theme was Endless Engines, challenging each artist to do a five-second animation involving some sort of vehicle.


A group project involving camera tracking and compositing real footage into Unreal Engine. Collaborated with an artist to produce a music video for her song.


My Senior Design Project for my undergraduate degree at NYU's Integrated Design and Media. An anthology of short videos made with Unreal Engine and virtual pro


After learning modeling with Maya, I took a course in 3D animation where I built up a portfolio of 3D animations. This was also my first exposure to motion capture.

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