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Maya Animations
3D Animations

Mufasa Death Scene Remastered
Endless Bouncing Ball
Link Run Cycle
Space Cubes


Created in my 3D Animation class during my undergraduate degree at NYU Tandon's Integrated Digital Media program, these animations were put together while studying the basics of animation.

My final project for this class, Space Cubes, was my first-ever implementation of motion capture and using Mixamo.


Mufasa Death Scene
This was my first ever 3D Animation and my second time using Maya to render out a video.

I mostly just had fun with this and used this assignment to warm up to using Autodesk Maya.

BeegYoshiDestroyed - Reference Animation
This was done with a pre-rigged model, where I used a reference video and re-created it using 3D Animation. 

The Yoshi was added in afterwards in Premiere Pro.

The Bouncies

While my keyframing isn't quite there for some parts like the iron man breaking, I really enjoyed just experimenting with recreating gravity and interaction with objects and the ground.

Endless Bouncing Ball
This was an assignment to really practice the squash and stretch on a 3D sphere. I added a twist to make it loop endlessly in a Minecraft-like world.

Link Run Cycle
Using a pre-rigged model I created a run cycle through a forest. Then I edited the clips together to make it seem like an endless run through many different colored forests! 

Juicebox Animation
My Midterm animation in my 3D Animation course. I rigged my own juicebox and created a short fun story about the juicebox wanting to become a superhero.

I got to do a lot of fun cinematography work on top of including some One Punch Man inspirations in the animation.

Space Cubes

For my final project in my 3D Animation class, I decided instead of hand animation to use motion capture and other virtual production elements. This is my first complete project involving the virtual production of a short film, this was done with Maya using free 3D assets found online, Mixamo models and motion capture, and virtual production done by me.

I built out the sound first as I find it easier to imagine camera angles and how things would move in my head as I listen to the sound, all characters are voiced by me with some sound modulations mixed in to make them sound different enough to be their own character.

From there I incorporated the motion capture, rendered out many shots, and assembled everything in Premiere Pro.

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