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Sideways MV(Ft. Lil Mixie)
Music Video


During the Spring 2022 Semester, for my final project for a Mixed Reality Compositing course, I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with a small team of three to create a music video in five weeks for Lil Mixie's song Sideways.


I was responsible for the 3D side of the project using Unreal Engine 5 as well as some mixed reality compositing shots involving our artist green-screened and composited into the 3D worlds.


I created three concept worlds in Unreal based on some storyboards provided by our creative director.

I wanted to make collaboration a priority so I made a ton of easily customizable blueprint materials and a few actors to be able to tweak things instantly in real time during our meetings.


To have proper contrast and narrative cohesion, we went through a lot of discussions, and after we tweaked these sets a bit more to fit the creative director's vision, our team had the artist herself fly in and we collected some greenscreen shots.







Then, our two talented post-production artists keyed out and sent me the image files to bring back into Unreal Engine.

We worked closely together as we rendered out the final scenes and stayed in the studio overnight to get the final product out! There were a few issues with render quality, but we all definitely learned a LOT from this project.

Any glaring quality issues were taken care of with After Effects and Premiere Pro, while I just turned my laptop into a render farm churning out images to use for our music video

Our project was quite ambitious from the start. Creating a music video in five weeks was no easy task, but we were able to get a finished product and a pat on the back to everyone on my team that worked together to bring this project to life!









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